Runners…get it in gear!

Are you running at least 3 days a week?

Are you one of those runners (like me) who lets the weather and your mood dictate which route you run each time you lace up your shoes?

Begin to run intentionally.

Warm-up before each “run”…yes, by running!  Think of your form, how your foot is striking the ground and if it’s rolling excessively.  Think of your arm swing, are your arms twisting?  Think of your posture, is your upper back rounded and chest collapsed?  Use your warm up to not just “warm-up” but to really begin to teach your body all of the things it needs to do for you to run more efficiently.  If you build this awareness in your warm-up, you are more likely to return to these thoughts on your run and really make a difference in your form!

Select one run each week to be a tempo run.  Try to keep the route consistent from week to week and try to run it close to race pace.  This will help your body learn to run at race pace more efficiently.  In addition, you will have a way to gauge your progress.

Select another run each week to be a speedwork day.  Run 1 mile to warm up and perform mile repeats spaced out with active recovery.

Each week should also include a long run.  Change this one up!  Make it hilly one week, flat the next,  6 miles and then 8 miles.  Keep your pace moderate and really try to enjoy this day.

Watch fall and winter become your seasons to improve!

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