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Surviving Thanksgiving

This week, many people all over America will shelf their weight-loss and fitness goals. The business of this time of year is a ready excuse that is contagious. As you purchase your turkeys and sides, looking up delicious new recipes or salivating over old favorites, take a few minutes to think hard about what you want to look and feel like this next 6 weeks and beyond. Do you really want to start 2013 with an extra 5 to 10 pounds to shed? You don’t have to, it isn’t inevitable and you alone are in control.

Develop an action plan…
Make a list of all the different dishes you will encounter on Thursday and put a star next to the ones that are healthy. These should fill up most of your plate!
Look at the list again and put a smiley face or heart or dash next to the dishes that you live for at the holidays. Think of an appropriate portion that allows you to experience your favorite flavors with out feeling like you’ve over indulged. Make a note of this and commit to having just that much at dinner.

If you are in charge of making the meal, take the opportunity to create a new tradition…
Know that when it comes to food, variety competes with self-control! Our bodies and brains crave stimulation and lots of different flavors presents the perfect place to feed that craving. It overrides our bodies ability to tell us we are full or satisfied. Knowing that, scale back on a few recipes this year!
In addition, you can add a new recipe to your table and start the meal off multiple course style…with a salad! Serve it before you serve anything else so you give yourself and your family the chance to fill up on healthful food before the buttery marshmallowy sweet potato casserole hits the table.

Here is a great Salad…Its a knock off House Salad from The Works.

Bed of Field Greens Topped with the following:
Golden Raisins
Dried Cranberries
Diced Granny Smith Apple
Mandarin Orange Segments
Sunflower Seeds
Shredded Mozzarella Cheese
Balsamic Vinaigrette

It’s delicious!

Just know that you have the power to say no, the power to exercise self-control. If you start now, you will keep that self-control ball rolling through your holiday parties for the next 6 weeks. You will start off 2013 feeling empowered, feeling in control, and able to set some NEW goals because you don’t have to lose that same 5 to 10 pounds!


What you should never post on a fitness blog…


Salted chocolate chip cookies…