Favorite current summer workout outfit

GapMotion tank top from GapBody
Swagger skort from Athleta
Studio Dri-Fit socks from Nike
PureConnect shoes from Brooks
LuLulemon adjust me bra :)

Diet / Nutrition

17 day diet

My personal experience with the 17 day diet…
Lost 9 lbs in 17 days

My personal tweaks…
I ate almonds
I did not limit my fruit
I did not limit my dairy to 2 servings a day

My ultimate feeling…getting out of the habit of convenience foods which are predominantly processed carbs is a shift-in-thought from which we could all benefit!


Cardio & Core

5 rounds for time
Row 400m
Do 20 pushups (from toes if you can!)
Do 20 full situps

Record your time!