My November Challenge

This Challenge is for next month so start preparing now!!

  • 50 pushups for time to be performed on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
  • Begin November 1st…How long does it take you to complete your 50 pushups?
  • Keep timing yourself and watch your time improve.
  • Time your 50 pushups once again on the 31st and see how much you have improved!!

Hot Yoga…discussed by a Yogi

Hot Yoga is a CRAZE isn’t it?  I almost feel like the two words are forever joined.  I can’t remember the last time anyone said to me, “I just tried my first yoga class.”  All they say is “I just tried my first HOT yoga class.”

You can find people everywhere telling you why it’s right and why it’s wrong…so I will tell you my personal opinion.

I love sweating and I love working hard.  My training of others and my personal workouts are all marked with intensity.  I don’t look to find intensity in a thermostat.

I take Hot Yoga Classes on a semi-regular basis.  I consider myself a pretty informed student as I am a certified instructor myself with a strong bent towards biomechanics and functional anatomy.  I am a personal trainer and I have a biology degree.  I’ve been practicing and teaching for 6 years.  All of that to say, I’m certainly more informed than most people walking in to a Hot Yoga class.

What I think…I think a body moves easier in a heated room.  I don’t necessarily think that makes it better.  While in a hot class, I will feel like I’m getting deeper in to poses than I have before.  I get excited about my progress, my body’s increasing pliability and I crank up that intensity, trying to work as hard as I can.  I leave feeling wonderful, de-toxed, and like my pores have all been cleaned by the immense outpouring of sweat.  I always wake up the next day with some tweak in my low back, my hip, my shoulder.

I teach (and participate at times as well) in yoga in a room temperature environment.  While practicing, I feel very aware of how far my body wants to move in to a particular pose.  I can feel if my body says “stop” or “that’s too far”.  It takes me longer before I feel like my body can flow into poses like Wheel, or a bound Extended Side Angle.  I will get there eventually.  As I warm up I still crank up the intensity and  here is the best part…I still feel that wonderful buzz of accomplishment contorting my body into those crazy looking poses.  I still feel detoxed and “wrung out” internally.  I still sweat.  I don’t wake up the next day with tweaks.

In the end, I feel like I work inside my Real body in a yoga class that isn’t heated.   I feel safer, I feel more in control, and wholly better the next day.


Favorite Fall Running Layers

  • GapFit Motion Long Sleeved T’s.  The colors are bright and fun!
  • Lululemon GustBuster Vest in Pigment Blue
  • Nike Running Gloves
  • Nike Compression Headband – to cover the ears
  • Athleta Revelation Capri
Diet / Nutrition

Feta Chicken Bake

Pound Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts until they are approximately 1/2″ thick.  Lightly season with salt and pepper.  Squeeze half of a lemon across the chicken breasts and then top them with feta cheese crumbles.  I personally prefer the sun-dried tomato feta.  Squeeze the other half of the lemon over the chicken and cheese crumbles.

Bake at 400* for 20 minutes or until an instant read thermometer registers 160*.

Serve with Fresh Steamed Broccoli and a Baked Potato.


New Favorite Shoes

For Running, the Brooks Pure Connect is a great “entry level” minimalist running shoe.  It has a 4mm heel drop and still a decent amount of cushion.  They are super lightweight, and I’m very conscious of my running form when I wear them.  It took me wearing them several months to finally get up the nerve to try them, and my first few runs left me with some lower leg muscle soreness.  My most recent weeks, I have run in them 2 to 3x a week, 3 to 5 miles at a time, and I have had no ill effects or lasting soreness.  They are my new go-to’s.


For Training, all things resistance based  and standing on the training floor, I am falling in love with my new ALTRA’s…

They have a very wide toe-box which lets my toes spread out!!

The Before:  Doing a lunge or a balance exercise I’d be rocking on to the inside or the outside of my shoe sole…

The After:  Doing the same exercises I now feel like I have foot control…not just shoe control.  I can think of my teaching cues as a yoga instructor about pressing into the ball of the foot below the big toe and the pinky toe and actually FEEL myself doing it.  They are awesome!