• Either from your knees or toes, place hands just wider than shoulder width distance apart.
  • Keeping core tight and hip joint fully extended, lower your chest toward the floor until elbows are bent to 90 degrees.
  • Continue for 30 seconds.

Workout of the Week – 7/14

Warmup: Plank walkouts x12 (backwards or forwards)
Prisoner Walking Lunges (hands behind head, elbows pointing East and West) x10/leg

Goblet Squats x 15
Incline Press x 15
Lateral Step Ups x 15

Man Makers x 15
Row 500m sprint

Chest Fly x 15
TRX Pullups x 15

Do each separate group or circuit 3x.  Do more or less based on time commitment.  For a more significant strength or bulk effect (not necessarily the same thing) increase your weight, do fewer reps, and increase your rest time for breathing to return to normal between sets.